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Rod Seeber

I am currently in the Carlton area of Melbourne and I love making some noise on my guitar. I would consider myself an intermediate with crunch! As this site shows, I even have a couple of videos floating around on Youtube for fun. (See Rod Can’t Sing)  .. I do enjoy the big open sounding chords of the Ac/Dc style of blues based rock. I dig the boogie and rhythm based stuff and hard rock sounds of Gibson’s and Marshall’s. Looking to make some noise on a Saturday or Sunday arvo? .. Please do get in touch Also if you think there is a cool video clips on YouTube that fits in to the site categories and should be on this site drop me a line!  Stuff like early Holdens and Fords would be cool! You can get in touch via the contact form up top, thanks. Please note I am also looking for Technical Writers as well.

rat van
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rat rods
…. So Ya Want Some Cool Rat Rod Gear?

R Series Valiant Was The Perfect Fit

r series valiant
The early Chrysler R Series Valiant oozed cool style

The Valiant R Series

In 1962 the arrival of the Chrysler Valiant R Series was to see a new era of style on our Aussie roads! What a beast, looks and heaps of grunt compared to the local Holdens and Fords. The Valiant was here and instantly won a heap of admirers! The R Series Valiant was a product of the U.S.A and was assembled locally. There were two options on offer for the for gearbox, which were a 3 speed floor shift and a rather cool push button automatic located on the instrument panel on the dashboard. The Chrysler Valiant R Series came with slant 225 cast iron block six cylinder engine. The slant 225 is known as one of the most reliable engines to ever power aussie cars. A bonus to the slant 225 was that the angle allowed for a lower bonnet height, which only added to the exceptional styling of this extra cool car! In America you could purchase a light weight aluminium block as an optional extra.

R Series Valiant Had Style

The R Series Chrysler Valiant had pushbutton Automatic Gearbox, pushbutton Radio and you could even order a pushbutton heater! Talk about all the mod cons. The R Series Valiant never came out with a V8 but the American models had an sporty option called the Hyper Pak which included a longer intake manifold and a bigger carby which when combined with the aluminium block added up to something pretty sporty. The R Series was quite compact when compared to other American cars on our roads at the time, although it was the perfect fit for our roads and soon gained many fans for both it’s performance and also it’s wonderful styling. The R Series Valiant included a fake spare wheel cavity in the boot lid. Later on the S Series would drop this aspect to styling but it sure did add something to the R Series from the rear view. Overall it cannot be denied that the now famous R Series Valiants and the follow up S Series are a treasured part of the Australian Motoring History. You can read up even more about the differences between the R Series Valiant and the S Series Valiant Here

By ShannonsInsurance

By Halo Vision

Early Kiss Songs Were Simply The Best

Early Kiss Songs

early kiss songs
The Best Early Kiss Songs

In 1980 as a fan of Early Kiss songs I was fortunate to pay $13.90 and go to the Kiss concert at Waverley Park in Melbourne/Victoria and what a day it was for the devoted fans of all the early Kiss songs (which was half the world at that stage) The poor support band who’s name was The Eyes were quickly booed off the stage after four songs because we were not there for some no-name support band. We wanted the hottest band in the world, which was of course Kiss! It was a hot summers day, perfect in fact except for my friend who’s mother was a seamstress and had made a very cool Ace Friely costume which looked very much the part. Problem was the heat made all of my friends makeup run down into his eyes which was to see him quickly run off to the medics. He ended up missing all the concert, bummer for him.

Early Kiss Rocked

Getting back to the start of the concert, after the support band were unceremoniously told to “rack off” an inpatient crowd then grew very restless. We were situated up in one of the stands and could see it all unfolding. At first someone threw a bit of paper and then someone threw a bit of paper back at them. Then all of a sudden the whole crowd jumped in on the act! It was an amazing sight to see. Paper, food and all kinds of rubbish being thrown in all directions. It was at this point i could not help myself and I decided to get into the act as well. But what to throw? Then I spotted a nearby pie vendor and quickly obtained two rather hot meat pies. Soon enough these two “hot weapons” were turfed over the rail of the third level of the Grandstand. More about Kiss Here

Early Kiss Memories

Over the following years I meet quite a few folk who went to that concert all those years ago, I always ask “Do you know anyone that got hit by a meat pie?” So far no luck but perhaps one day someone will answer “yes!” So onto the Early Kiss Song Videos, this RatRod style website happily claims to include Pretty Babes as well as other stuff. The first of the Early Kiss Songs is titled Hotter Than Hell and does include some scantily clad Pretty Babes! So if you don’t like that stuff best you do not look! The second of the Early Kiss Songs is titled 100,000 years and is a live performance that shows just why underneath the mystery of the makeup there was also a very rock orientated band that was taking the world by storm. Enjoy this look at Early Kiss

By KevlarMonkey5150

By Wilderthewildest

We hope you enjoyed a look at Early Kiss

Twin Engine Ford Pickup Is a Chevrolet??

The Twin Engine Ford Pickup

Problem is that this Twin Engine Ford Pickup has two Chevy V8 engines! You gotta love YouTube, someone does something against the grain and all hell brakes loose it seems. Some of the comments about this Twin Engine Ford Pickup do not mince words. We are talking sacrilege, you just don’t do that sort of stuff it seems. But once you take a deep breath and calm down it really is quite an amazing feat of auto engineering. The guy who did the project simply states in the comments section “I had two Chevy engines lying around and a low budget, what would you do?” Sounds fair enough to me, plus I really dig the look of this old Twin Engine Ford Pickup. Of course I drive an old Toyota Van so my views are probably well and truly void on this matter. But I do know what looks good and the old pickups from the 1950’s are as tough as they come!

Twin Engine Ford Pickup Info

This is the description supplied in the Twin Engine Ford Pickup Video “My dad’s twin engine 56 Ford. It can run on the motor in the cab, or off both the one in the cab and the one under the hood. They both have powerglide transmissions, and work both going through a transfer case then to the rear end. There is a lever that locks both throttles to the gas pedal. The main motor is a 383 Chevy and the secodary motor is a 355 Chevy. It has a trans am front clip, 12 bolt rear end, a fiberglass doghouse, and the bed is made from aluminum. Approx. 900-1000 hp with both motors running” You gotta wonder what it would be like going down the highway with both engines running at the same time?? I also wonder what happens if one of these engines fails? Well the jury is out on this one but I thought it was interesting enough to put it on Rod.Tv Here is also another article about a Twin Engine Hot Rod Except in this example the Twin Engines are located side by side.

By Scott Reeder

Did you enjoy the Twin Engine Ford Pickup Video?

1942 Ford Pickup Truck .. Rat Rod Style

Ford PickUp Truck Looks Like a Rat Rod

ford pickup truck rat rod
The 406 was also used in some F-100’s

It’s not too hard to see that a 1942 For Pick Truck makes for one fine Rat Rod! Then throw in the addition of some air bags to rise up to the occasion and you have a real head turner. This 1942 Ford Pickup Truck is a great example of the Rat Rod spirit, then consider that these these pickups were in a fragile existence in 1942 because of the uncertainty surrounding the events of World War Two. Production of these fine old beasties was only short lived and did not really return until 1946 after the war had ended! The thing about these old gals is that they have Rat Rod Style oozing out of their entire body shell and this example is typical of what you get when you do up a 1942 Ford Pickup with Rat Rodding in mind. Worth noting the lack of front bumper and even the hood. The war models were also required to blackout the chrome trims.

This Ford Pickup Truck Can Rise Up

The main features other than the wicked Knuckle Dusters  gear changer is the exposed 406 Fe engine which was not originally used until 1958 and beyond. Seems like a good fit though and sounds pretty cool as well. You may also notice the Knuckle Dusters Icon in the this 1942 Ford Pickup Truck bench seat, it’s these little details that make for an overall impression when going the Rat Rod Road. The other really cool aspect is the custom grill which for some reason reminds me of a set of knarly dinosaur’s front teeth. I guess it is the boney color that makes me think that way? I really dig the way this Rat Rod Pickup drops down when ready. It must feel good to pull up at carpark and then put that into practice in front of already admiring eyes. I noticed that when driving down the road this 1942 Ford Pickup Truck was still lowered, good to have a choice no doubt. It’s been a little while since I have done a cool video about the Rat’s on our roads, but don’t worry it sure wont be the last! If you want to read up some more about the Ford 406 Fe engine you can do that here 

By akreone1